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French 1
Instructor: Ms. Pankow   
J'ai envie de/d'
Check out my ppt about "J'ai envie de/d' .." I feel like doing/having ...."
Mini-project: Places
Faire un long paragraph sur les endroits où vous aimez aller, ou pas. Must be typed.
Write a long paragraph about a place or places you like to go to (or not). Give as many details as possible such as why, when or with whom.
Illustrate with pictures, drawings. (mini-project)- 40 pts
Due March 10

Projects: opinions
I am looking at the projects that some of you elected to do on a PowerPoint, and I am so proud of you! Some of the best projects ever! I love being a teacher :) A demain!
Les opinions: project
Project due on October 24th1
Take a look at the ppt I downloaded.... It explains the requirements.
Conjugation: verbs that end in er
Look in the files for the ppt that explains the ending of verbs in er, depending on the subjects.
I am also downloaded the page where I give explanations as well.
Bienvenue dans la classe de Madame Pankow!
Please find many links to Ppts, vocabulary and French websites that I downloaded in the file section! Bonne chance :)
Family Album
Have you started on the project yet? Bonne chance!

Family Album- Due May 14th
PLease find the rubric for the Family Album project due on May 14 th (files)

Physical Descriptions
How to describe somebody, physically ... check it out in the files ... Good luck for tomorrow's quiz :)

Vocabulary for family members and possessive adjectives
Please check in the files for vocabulary about family members and possessive adjectives (my, your, his, her etc...)

I am also including a little PowerPoint.

Paragraph (string of sentences): Je voudrais aller...
Please write about places: where you like to go, would like to go, do not like going etc.  Provide as many details as possible such as with whom, why, to do what etc...  Type and illustrate with pictures, clipart or drawings. You may use varied forms such as the equivalent of :I feel like going to..., I would like to visit, I especially don't like to go ... Be creative, dream a little :)

If you are unable to print your work, you must e-mail it to me by P4 on Monday (03-03-14).  Late work will be worth 50% of points maximum. You must include your name and period on the subject line. My email:

Bonne chance!

Make-up quizzes
Make-up quizzes edit delete
(Displays 2/24/2014)
As you know, you may make-up (or retake most!) quizzes within a week, as long as you check with me to make sure that I will be there, at lunch or after school.  I will do my best to accommodate you.  When you retake a quiz, you may expect some slight changes from the original quiz, but the content will always fall within the guidelines of my learning requirements for that particular week.


I am not responsible for reminding you to make-up a quiz if you have been absent.  The "EXT" (extended) term used in the grade book will turn into a 0 on the Friday after the initial date of the quiz.  That usually gives you a full week.

Bienvenue dans ma classe! We are going to be speaking French together in no time! Participate in class, take advantage of the many opportunities to earn points and do not hesitate to ask for my help.

Bonne chance :)

Discussion Topics
Map of french Speaking Countries
Introduction- Class expectations
Je m'appelle ....
 favWebsites2learn French.doc
Some fun websites to help you practice French!
Vocabulary for first unit
J'aime ........
how to prepare for quiz #4
The verb AVOIR (to have)- present tense, practice and exemples.
Review for the first benchmark (October)
 French cultural bingo1.docx
cultural questions and answers (not in order) semester1
vocabulary study sheet to review for benchmark and final, fall semester (not all inclusive but has main vocabulary)
 U5-practice quiz1- Le cafe. verbs manger and boire.docx
Verbs boire et manger, practice quiz #1 for unit 5 (Aa cafe)
Project due February 11th
Comment on fait les crepes
 Jeopardy-au cafe.ppt
Jeopardy-au cafe
 1-au-a la-aux-vocab aller.docx
places, aller and au/ a la/ a l'/ aux
homework due on Monday, March 18th
 Family project-12.doc
Family Project
 1B-mai13-review week.doc
review- study guide May 2013
 1-les saisons-revised13.ppt
Vocabulary: how to talk about the weather
La petite histoire du chocolat: the history of chocolate
 faire des crepes.ppt
How to make crepes
Valentine's vocabulary
 2-verbs s1 and2 - Copy.docx
Important verbs in the present tense (with their past participle to be used in the passé compose).
 J'ai envie de U5.ppt
J'ai envie de .... PowerPoint on places and people I feel like going to or meeting
 1-quizU7-Family members-possAdj.docx
vocabulary for La famille
 revision freres et soeurs simpson.ppt
How to talk about your family
Physical descriptions
 1-etre & description (4).ppt
Etre +physical descriptions
 descriptions physiques_vocab.docx
More vocabulary about physical descriptions
 Family project-12.doc
Family Album- due May 14th 2014
Activities vocabulary for the very beginning of French!
 Pronouns and verb endings-er-Explanation sheet.docx
explanation of verb in er ending while conjugating
Les opinions- poster project (you may also make a ppt or other electronic presentation).
 J'ai envie de U5.ppt
J'ai envie de/d' ..... (ifeel like having/doing...)
No "Homework" exist(s)

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